This site enables one to prepare a vote for an upcoming election. Keeping a record of this may allow the use of the Italian attack against you. Don't do this unless you understand this and accept the risks, in particular to vote privacy.


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To search for your vote in the published formal results, enter it into the summary box above and press . This involves sending said string over the internet to my server, which does the search, sends the results back, and is a privacy threat in a variety of ways. I state that I do not log this string, but I may be coerced into lying about this. You can do a partial search leaving forgotten boxes blank by checking this checkbox.

Alternatively, the ideal, privacy preserving way to do this is you can get the files listing all votes from the electoral commission and search directly in them. For AEC 2016 and 2019 votes this is easy and can be done with simple string search (leave off trailing commas for 2019).

Privacy: I want to preserve your privacy. This is particularly important and difficult for this specific page. This web page should not make any network accesses after initial loading with the exception of the search button, so you can check (using standard network monitoring tools) that your preferences are not being sent anywhere. So I never see what you do, other than the standard things your browser sends when going to a web site. But I may be lying (possibly coerced), so even better than trusting me you can just make a local copy of this page (try "Save As" in your browser) and run it locally. This should protect you against me observing your computer. But there is still the problem of someone looking over your shoulder, etc. and if you actually vote below the line with an uncommon pattern your vote may be detectable in the released list of votes.