I value your privacy very highly, and work hard to maximise it. The website is designed to minimise the information about you that it receives.

How data is minimized

This website does not use cookies, does not use externally hosted content, and does not have any concept of users or logging in. It does not ask for names or any gratuitous personal information.

Where reasonably practical, web pages are designed to load all their data at the start and do not provide further communication with the server about what you are doing on that page. The exceptions are ones which require extra data due to changing what you are looking at or doing a search.

What data is sent to the server

The normal data necessary to provide physical transport of web pages is, perforce, sent over the internet and to my server. This includes IP address, the page/data you are fetching, and whatever browser information your browser sends by default. Some of this is logged by the web server, primarily for maintenance and diagnostics reasons. These logs are not preserved indefinitely.

Generally, the particulars of what you are looking at are not very sensitive, with the exception of the prepare/search vote tool. This tool has a special description of its privacy issues on its page.

All of this fine intentions are of course subject to me being coerced, either legally, by hackers, or by people with big sticks.

How do I contact you for queries / requests / complaints / threats with a big stick?

Email queries / requests / complaints / big sticks / to the address in the Contact page.