Tools available for this election

Searching for data on this election...

No data is available for this election, sorry.

Metadata is available for this election, but the vote data is not available. You can prepare your vote in an easy to print manner.

You can rerun the count for this election, possibly with some candidates excluded.

Vote data is available for this election. There were ??? single above the line votes, and ??? above the line votes with more than one party listed, of which ??? were unique. There were ??? below the line votes, of which ??? were unique. This gives a total of ??? formal votes. There were also ??? informal votes published. There were ??? candidates.

You can Enter your vote and search in the published votes to find whether such a vote was recorded. You can look at the mean vote for each candidate.

If errors in votes are published you can search for repeated or missing preferences below the line.

You can compare how closely voters vote for parties.

You can table which major party voters prefer by who they voted for first, or just see which parties got how many ATL or BTL votes.

You can download the vote data in a standard format.