Download data for this election

No data is available for this election, sorry.

Metadata is available for this election, but the vote data is not available.

You can download election data (candidate names, votes, groups) in two formats. Note that this is created from data provided by the election commissions. See the Copyright page for information. This data was downloaded from .

Andrew STV format

This is the format used internally by the system. It is a text file with the following structure:

It may be downloaded here.

Processed to just candidates

This is a simplified version that processes all above the line votes to equivalent below the line votes. It consists of two sections.

The first section consists of the candidates. For each candidate there is one line of tab separated candidate id, group ID, group name (if available), and candidate name.

The second section consists of a list of votes, one per line. Each line consists of

(above/below the line), followed by
then a list of comma separated candidate IDS, followed by
followed by the number of such votes.

It may be downloaded here.